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Searching the web for “blocked sinks Dublin”? Well, you’ve come to the right place! A blocked sink is a really annoying problem for homeowners. Having a blocked sink means you can’t even do the simplest of tasks in the home and often there is no obvious cause. You won’t have even thought of how much your quick-draining sink is important until you can’t use it! Here’s where Drain Pro’s blocked sinks Dublin services can help! How much do you know about how sinks work? It’s surprising how many people believe that there’s a suction device that pulls away the sink’s contents. Actually, the only force used is gravity! When building a house, each pipe is installed an angle that allows the flow of liquid to the sewers naturally.

No matter where you are in your home, this is always the case. The pipes don’t just form a single straight line, however. If you look carefully, you’ll see some bends. A standard sink has a trap that is U-shaped, this is often called the U-bend. Why is this U-shaped pipe important? Well, it means that there is a small volume of water that is retained. This is a really clever design because this water creates a seal that means that unpleasant smells from the pipes or drains can’t creep into your home. The downside of this is that sometimes the u-bend traps things that should be flushed away.

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Our blocked sinks Dublin service has some usually culprits, the number one being hair. Even though most homes have a strainer to catch hair, build-up still occurs from time to time. Larger families usually suffer the most as there's simply more hair! One of the next most common reasons our blocked sinks Dublin service sees is fat and grease. Restaurants, cafes, offices and factories often end up with problems of grease blocking the pipes.

Fat is a huge problem because it becomes solid when it cools down. Many people pour liquid fat down their sink without even thinking. You should never pour liquid fat down a sink. Not only will it cause a build-up and eventual blockage of your own pipework and drains, but it is also a big environmental problem in the sewer networks! Fat causes ‘fatbergs’ which are huge build ups of what gets put down sinks! Drain Pro understands the urgency of this problem and we can resolve it quickly and efficiently. As you can imagine, preparing food in a kitchen with a sink that won’t drain is really problematic.

So, whether your sink is blocked with hair, fat, or unknown substances, Drain pro is on hand and ready to fix this annoying problem. We work methodically to work out what is causing the blockage and then eliminate it. A blocked sink won’t go away on its own so it’s worth contacting us as soon as you notice the problem. Sometimes a drain can block even further down the pipework but we have specialist knowledge and expertise to fix any drain blockage no matter where the problem occurs.

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