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Our plumbers provide bath shower unblocking service across Dublin. If you have tried and failed to unblock your bath or shower yourself, with all of the plug unblocking products out there on the market, our professional drainage company, Drain Pro, is what is needed. We have highly-trained and experienced plumbers that are ready for any bath shower unblocking job, getting the job done with minimal fuss anywhere in Dublin and beyond.

Our bath shower unblocking service works in stages so that it is as low cost to you, our customers, as possible. Firstly, we begin with manual methods. But, if your blockage doesn’t shift, we will then move on to mechanical techniques. However, you will only need to pay for whichever technique has worked on your blocked bath or shower drain. If we can’t fix it, you won’t pay. Simple.


Firstly, manual services involve plunging and for this, we offer the most competitive service in Dublin. Our range of plungers of high-pressure variety creates a strong suction force which dislodges most blockages, meaning that the blockage will pass through the waste pipe. Normally, this solves your drainage problem if your blockage is near to the plug hole. If it doesn’t work, our plumbers won’t charge you.

Mechanical Bath & Shower Unblocking

If enough suction is impossible, such as if the blockage is quite far down the pipe, we have specialist equipment and machinery that will go down the plughole and into the pipe to break it down. Our experienced plumbers in Dublin will give you an on-site free quote for this when we are there as this will depend on the plumbing of your individual shower or bath as to how we approach the problem. In some cases, it might mean us removing your shower’s tray or even tiling to be able to have access to the mouth of the pipe. No matter the problem, you can be sure that our plumbers are fully trained and will be able to put your bathroom back together. Guaranteed!

Persistent Blocking

Where do these blockages come from? Unfortunately, they’re really common. All that it takes it for toilet paper to build up but, more often, it is due to unflushables being flushed such as paper towels, wet wipes, sanitary protection and even nappies. To avoid a blocked toilet, you need to avoid flushing items other than toilet paper down the toilet. This should keep your pipes free from blockages and keep the water flowing properly.

If you only have one toilet in your property, then you need it to be resolved quickly. Businesses that need working toilets by law will also begin to lose money. If the toilet makes the business have to close down temporarily, it is paramount that it is fixed in rapid time. At Drain Pro, we understand this. Our highly-qualified staff can usually get to your blockages within the space of two hours.

We have racked up years of experience and can fix blockages in any toilet, irrespective of the type of property you live it. We will get it working as quickly as possible to minimize disruption to your business and any distress that this undoubtedly causes. You’ll find that our rates are very competitive and this, coupled with our top-quality customer support means that Drain Pro’s customers are always recommending us. So, blocked toilet? Think Drain Pro, Dublin. Let us get stuck in.

* NOTE: Combine this service with drain surveys, drain unblocking, toilet unblocking, grease trap cleaning, blocked sinks, drain tracing, bath unblocking, odour tracing and benefit from our discounts, and membership deals. Or just simply contact us for a free quote. Please also have a look at Drain Pro amazing testimonials and gallery.

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