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One of the most useful tools for learning where your drainage pipes run is through drain tracing. It is often difficult to work out where your network has been placed due to their hidden, underground location. Usually, the plans that already exist do not give you the full picture. This could be due to the records not being updated if things changed when work was previously carried out, for instance.

Sometimes, clients might not even have access to plans or even, perhaps, that the plans just do not exist. No matter the reason, Drain Pro in Dublin can carry out drain tracing to give you a full and clear plan so that any subsequent steps can be undertaken with confidence. What comes next depends on your plans but, with this wealth of information now at your fingertips, you can be sure that it will be easier to navigate. Usually, housing developers and builders use drain tracing so that they can work out where to build new properties as well as areas to avoid. If you come into contact with any existing drainage framework, repairs are usually pretty steep. Investing in tracing before any work is carried out is most certainly a wise decision.

We have a team of experienced, friendly engineers who have helped builders and surveyors alike in making decisions that are well-informed. We create plans of external and internal drain runs and connection, creating a map of pipes underground. The team work well in conjunction with civil engineers to decide whether any deep excavation is required or whether installing regular storm drains is the best way.

Not sure where your drains go to or the actual course they take?

Over the years, methods have changed. Thanks to the latest drain tracing technology, we can locate sewers deep underground with a radio transmitter. If the pipes are not metal, these can also be found too, in addition to traditional clay and newer plastic versions.

Using sonar allows us to discover the very depths of a system without excavation. We send a transmitter into the pipework and this transmits information back to the receiver above the ground. Another method is through dye testing. This is carried out with a colored powder or pellet that is placed into the system to check the route that the liquid takes. It is both simple and effective and is used on a large scale thanks to its easy administration and low cost. The environmentally-friendly products run through the different branches of a drain section, identifying any cross contamination or blockages. With either of the methods, using a video inspection system can be used in addition, giving us a good view of the network below ground.

Before building, this type of drain tracing survey is invaluable. You would rather know that there is a pipe underground than finding you hit one after digging a hole that is seven foot deep. With this service, all the pipes will be pinpointed to their exact location. Increased accuracy means that you will waste less time and, of course, less money. If there are any ownership disputes, having proof of what is below ground can help you with your case. If you’re currently looking to carry out building works or maybe planning some, or even thinking about any emergency occurrences, having a copy of your property’s drain tracing survey makes sense.

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