Blocked toilets are, unfortunately, a common occurrence. They can sneak right up on you, with the first and only sign being when you flush your toilet only to find that the bowl fills with water and does not drain away. You first thought will probably be panic, followed by the question “how do I deal with a blocked toilet?”. Whatever happens, you must make sure that you don’t try the flush again. If your toilet is well and truly blocked, this could potentially cause a huge overflow of the water and this is something that you really want and need to avoid. Instead, you need to call Drain Pro in Dublin for unblocking toilet as soon as possible.

We will unblock your toilet with ease and no mess – it’s what we do every day. We’ll get our hands dirty so that you don’t have to. The calm will soon be restored in your home or property as quick as a flash. Let’s face it, you really don’t want a blocked toilet in your workplace or home. It is not just the inconvenience it causes but also, due to the very nature of toilet blockages, it will undoubtedly make an awful smell as well as cause damage due to any overflow. Aside from this, it is massively unhygienic when an overflow happens, breaching many health and safety regulations, particularly in businesses and commercial properties.

You, therefore, need to deal with any blockage as soon as it occurs. You don’t want an overflowing toilet to damage your business or property, ruining the furniture and flows. This is where Drain Pro comes in to unblocking your blocked toilet and make it fully functional in no time. We have high standards of customer service right from when you call regardless of the size of the job in hand.

Our Toilet Unblocking Service In Dublin

Where do these blockages come from? Unfortunately, they’re really common. All that it takes it for toilet paper to build up but, more often, it is due to unflushables being flushed such as paper towels, wet wipes, sanitary protection, and even nappies. To avoid a blocked toilet, you need to avoid flushing items other than toilet paper down the toilet. This should keep your pipes free from blockages and keep the water flowing properly. If you only have one toilet in your property, then you need it to be resolved quickly. Businesses that need working toilets by law will also begin to lose money. If the toilet makes the business to close down temporarily, it is paramount that it is fixed in rapid time. At Drain Pro, we understand the need of unblocking toilets without wasting a minute. Our highly-qualified staff can usually get to your blockages within the space of two hours.

We have racked up years of experience and can fix blockages in any toilet, irrespective of the type of property you live it. We will get it working as quickly as possible to minimize disruption to your business and any distress that this undoubtedly causes. You’ll find that our rates are very competitive and this, coupled with our top-quality customer support means that Drain Pro’s customers are always recommending us. So, blocked toilet? Think Drain Pro, Dublin. Let us get stuck in.

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